I’ll make you feel beautiful

Once again

We’ll go up and watch the stars

Shining so bright from a world so far

I’ll wrap you in my arms

And kiss you hard

Take away the pain

And be your own personal lard.

You whispered in my ear
Are you sure you know
What you’re doing
My dear?
You put your arms around me
Dragging me away from my desk
“Oh my, you are such a big mess”
You surround me with your body
Trapping me, making me feel wobbly
Don’t push me away
Not this time
You warn me
I’m going nowhere
Because you darling, are my air.
I push you away for the nth time
Despite your warning
But you come back trapping me in your arms
Saying “baby, you’re mine
And I will be here when you wake

That feeling of inadequeacy sucks.

I get it, people change, shit happens and all. But that doesn’t give them any reason to make you feel like you’re not good enough. Not good enough to be their friend or hang out with them. They bring up so many differences. Status, money, fame, affordability, societey and various other stuff.

I have about three groups of friends who I’m the closest to. There’s a different level of comfort in every group. There’s pbviously stuff I can talk to them about, and stuff I can’t. The stuff that makes you feel awkward.

I feel like I can talk to my closest friends about everything possible, but when the time comes, I know they wont apporve of it, or i’ll just make it awkward. We’re girls. Obviously. So we talk about the normal usual girly stuff, sex, boys, friends, love, romance, movies, celebrities and the list goes on. But I feel like I can’t talk about other stuff, like money, or jobs, or my family either. It gets really really awkward and no one knows what to comment about it.

The other group, it’s the complete opposite. I can talk about the normal stuff like books, romance, movies, family, money, or anything like that. But they’re not people who I would like to talk to about boys, love, romance, sex or even gossip to about people who are actually worth gossiping!

And then there’s the final group. The ones you can talk to about anything or everything and no matter what, they won’t judge you or label you based on your money or family issues or whatever. Because that’s the level of comfort you have reached with them. It feels great to have suck relationships, where people actually care and understand and actually take the interest in helping you with your problems. They make your relationship with everyone feel superficial.

It feels great to have such people in your life. It feels great to have all of them actually, as long as they want to be there.