I’ll make you feel beautiful

Once again

We’ll go up and watch the stars

Shining so bright from a world so far

I’ll wrap you in my arms

And kiss you hard

Take away the pain

And be your own personal lard.

You whispered in my ear
Are you sure you know
What you’re doing
My dear?
You put your arms around me
Dragging me away from my desk
“Oh my, you are such a big mess”
You surround me with your body
Trapping me, making me feel wobbly
Don’t push me away
Not this time
You warn me
I’m going nowhere
Because you darling, are my air.
I push you away for the nth time
Despite your warning
But you come back trapping me in your arms
Saying “baby, you’re mine
And I will be here when you wake

Reminiscing in the balcony

She sat in the balcony looking at the sun shining over the sea blue sky. It was a beautiful day but she felt malicious towards everything. Laughter of the previous night still echoed, and the empty bottles still lay around. She was wide awake while the others were still sound asleep inside. Something was bothering her but she couldn’t figure out what it was. She covered her face in her hands, her silky hair falling over her shoulders.
She remembered the previous night, when she saw him for the first time in years, possibly coming back from a new job, home to a new bed and maybe coming home to someone else. His eyes were still brilliant and heartbreaking at the same time. But that person who made her smile on the balcony, was no where to be seen. The person who had consoled her and made her laugh, wasn’t there anymore.
He made the balcony seem like the top of the Eiffel Tower in a hurricane.
But she only prayed that she would be lucky enough, to find him again in someone else.


“Dude you got laid!”
I overheard your friend say,
Clapping his hand on your back and congratulating you
As if its the best you could do.

You shush him, not wanting the world to know
Though you stand up and take a cheeky bow.
It’s your last day, you’re leaving tomorrow
And I’ll be left here, soaking in everything that reminds me of you.
I’ll miss looking through your window
And you walking with me all the way, through the morning dew.

You’re off being beautiful elsewhere
And I’m stuck here, everything reminding me of you
But she’s with you, wherever the hell you are
And I still watch the movies we watched together,
Yes, there are quite a few…

All the trips we took
And the way you looked
I had a thing for you from the start,
I knew everything about you by heart.
The way you made me smile
After making me cry
A weird pair we were,
I seemed to tolerate you, and you made my heart fly.
My mother still tells me stories of how we played
How you were the only one who stayed.

You’re beautiful you know,
It’s 2am and I still feel your glow.
And my thoughts wander across the world
To where you might be tonight
I wonder if she’s holding you right.
Is she making you wear the smile I love?
Or are you wearing someone else, someone as soft as a dove.

Some days when people ask me what love is about
I think about the times we spent, all throughout
And sometimes I choke out your name
But to myself I think,
It’s when no place or face, or nothing can ever make you feel the same.

Yes, we were beautiful in the quietest of ways
We were distant, but existent all the same.

Love lessons to be learnt from animals

Animals are happy, cute and adorable creatures. Despite facing bitter climates and deadly predators, they’ve survived generations. Different animals show their love in different ways. Try living your life like they do for a while, and you’ll notice the difference. You might even be surprised.

Penguins: For these birds, communication is the key to their love life. They are always seen with their partners and are only separated when they have to hunt or are faced with extreme winters. They spend time with other penguin couples and even take trips with their extended families!


French Angelfish: For this breed of fish, being there with their partner is the key. It is highly unlikely you will find this species of fish alone as they are known to live, travel and even hunt in pairs. They have bonds that last for as long as they live. They even act as a team to defend their territory from various threats.

Black Vultures: These birds are very serious about their mates. The couple hangs out together throughout the year and even share parenting duties. They then form a close-knit family within themselves.

Monkeys: They express their feelings of affection in different ways. After a fight with their partner, they make peace by grooming each other. They are generally very social creatures and live in families consisting of hundreds in peace.


Antelopes: The Kirk’s Dik-Dik doe-eyed antelope roam in groups and rarely stray. Researchers have found that the male species might stick around to cover his mate’s scent so that other male antelopes cannot track it. The female too, shows no interest in mating with males other than her partner.

Convict Cichlids: Despite its name, this fish is a considerate mate and parent. They mate and when the female lays eggs, they spend equal amounts of time fanning them and keeping predators away. Once the larvae hatch, the two parents share the burden of looking after them and if they wander off, the parents suck them back and spit them out into the safety of their home.

Swans: These birds symbolize purity and love. They also mate for life. When one partner dies, the other does not find another swan to mate with. They remain alone for as long as they live. They constantly show their love by bobbing their heads and bringing them together, making the space between them look like a heart.


Prairie Voles: The small burrowing prairie vole is one of the most faithful animals around. Once they have paired up, they share all the parenting duties and groom other, after which they cuddle. A study showed that when these males were tempted with other unfamiliar distrations, fewer than 10% succumbed. Even when the female died, very few of them found another mate.

Cats: These feline friends have a reputation for not expressing their feelings, but they do have their own way of showing that they care for each other. They usually lick one another to groom and to bond. This is usually done between cats that know each other very well.

Giraffes: A male giraffe usually flirts with a female by feeding beside her and sometimes even taking things a little further by entwining his neck with hers!


Necessities for the pampered traveller

travelling woman

People travel all the time to all different places. There are a few essentials to carry while you’re traveling depending on what kind of destination you are traveling to.

Some of the basic necessities to carry when you travel to any destination are:
1. Earphones: this is one of the basic necessities you need while traveling. When you are traveling, the background noise can put you off a little. Trips also let you spend quality time listening to music you love, while traveling to your favorite destinations.
2. Tablets: if you are greeted by an unexpected migraine and there are no pharmacies nearby (highly unlikely unless you are trekking in a forest), your tablets will come to your rescue.
3. Moisturizer with sunscreen and lip balm: irrespective of whether you are traveling to a cooler place or a warmer one, you need sun block. The suns rays are equally, if not more harsh than the other. Also, while traveling, your lips will become dry and chapped. A tinted lip balm will not only moisturize your lips but also add color to them.
4. Basic everyday essentials: your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo should be put in a separate plastic container rather than be kept with all your clothes. In case your shampoo or toothpaste container breaks, it will leak on to your clothes and ruin them.
5. Mosquito repellent: Whether it is in the form of a cream, coil or an electrical repellent this is a must carry. There will be a point when you will need something to shoo away these bugs. Even though most rooms are air-conditioned these days, these insects find a way into the room and cause a lot of trouble.

But if you are traveling to cooler places or warmer ones, you will need to carry some extra stuff with you.
For cooler places, you will also need
1. Socks: A thick pair of socks will be a blessing to you especially during the nights when it tends to become chillier. They are also very easy to pack as they can be stuffed into a small corner of your bag.
2. Scarf: a scarf can not only add to your look, but also can keep you warm. You can use it to cover your neck, head and arms all at once. It will be sure to keep you warm.
3. Gloves: this is especially for people whose hands turn numb after prolonged exposure to the cold.
4. Book: why would you want a book while traveling?
Ever imagined lying on a rug, reading next to a fireplace with some steaming hot coca to drink? That’s why.

For warmer places like beaches, you will need
1. Sunglasses: to protect you from squinting and getting a headache because of the scorching sun.
2. Floppy hat: this not only makes you look more stylish and gypsy-like, but gives a layer of shade to your entire face and protects it from getting sun burnt
3. Deodorant: you don’t want to stink of sweat after being in the sun for too long. This not only removes the body odor but also leaves you feeling refreshed.
4. Flip-flops/ open sandals: you can’t walk on the beach wearing high heels or ballerinas. Even if you can, you don’t want to get your cute shoes filled with sand. Sandals or flip-flops are a cheap and easy way in which you can walk or run on the beach, without ruining your cute shoes.


For a girl, her handbag is the most important thing she carries because in it lies everything she needs (and perhaps doesn’t). But now that it’s the height of summer, there are a few things every girl needs to have in her handbag to beat the heat. And now that the large handbag is back in fashion, carrying these essentials should not be a problem:

1. Hand Sanitizer: To get rid of bacteria when you have to eat at a fast food joint with a not-very-sanitary washroom.

2. Moisturizer with sunscreen: To keep your hands and face moisturized and feeling baby soft at all times, and to protect you from the summer sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure that your sunscreen has a minimum SPF of 20.

3. Tissues: To wipe off your sweat. You don’t want to be seen wiping your sweaty forehead with your hand, do you?

4. Water: Always carry a small bottle of water. Since it’s summer, you are definitely going to feel twice as thirsty as you usually do.

5.Medicines: It’s advisable to carry basic medication like painkillers for when you are surprised by an uninvited migraine that may be brought on by the heat.

6. Hair accessories: During summer, your neck area might get sweaty if you have long hair, so you should have a scrunchie in your bag if you want to tie it up. If you have a fringe or bangs, it’s also advisable to carry along hair clips or a hair band to keep your hair off your forehead and face.

7. Sunglasses: This is a must-have for the summer as you don’t want the sun glaring into your eyes and, in turn, making you squint to look around.

8. Lip balm: Make sure you always carry a lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15. Summer not only causes lips to chap, but the harsh sun also causes them to dry out and darken.

9. Deodorant: Carry a mildly scented deodorant or body spray so that you always smell fresh, even though you may have been out in the scorching sun.

10. Face wash or cleanser: Make sure you take off all the sweat and grime that has settled on your face by cleansing it with a face wash or a cleanser.