Hello there all you cool people!

I’m Sneha and I’m 18 years. I suck at math, always have and probably always will. I write pretty decently though, maybe because I love doing it. I also love reading and listening to music. I hate cooking but love food.
This is my blog and I write about stuff that matters to me. I’m pretty opinionated and I like it that way.
I love fashion, chick flicks, romance novels and cheesy stuff, food and the colours pink and black.
I’m very stubborn at times (or so I’ve been told) when I don’t get my way, but who isn’t right? 😉

I’m pretty chill about stuff and I don’t judge or dislike anyone. I like writing poetry and am a crazy fairytale person. I love nailpaints and shopping and my friends and family.
I really wish to travel and explore the world after I’m done studying.

I believe that music and time can heal all wounds.
I’m addicted to tv shows. Mainly chick flicks again like gossip girl, 90210, TVD and Glee of course!
I become very philosophical at times and start advising people majorly Keith their life problems, but never follow my own advice.
I have a list of people who inspire me, but no role model as such.
I believe that we sometimes overthink and create problems that were never there in the first place.
I usually get great writing ideas only when I have to study 😛
I really badly want to become the editor of a fashion magazine. Or an amazing psychologist. I’m still confused about that one.
I’m a really great listener (as told to me by a
number of people) so if you want to vent, i’ll be there to keep your secrets in my tent. 😉

For a writer like me, it’s more important to know how my readers feel. I appreciate constructive criticism so please do leave a comment so I know you stooped by.


Ps I totally copied that from gossip girl XD


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