“Dude you got laid!”
I overheard your friend say,
Clapping his hand on your back and congratulating you
As if its the best you could do.

You shush him, not wanting the world to know
Though you stand up and take a cheeky bow.
It’s your last day, you’re leaving tomorrow
And I’ll be left here, soaking in everything that reminds me of you.
I’ll miss looking through your window
And you walking with me all the way, through the morning dew.

You’re off being beautiful elsewhere
And I’m stuck here, everything reminding me of you
But she’s with you, wherever the hell you are
And I still watch the movies we watched together,
Yes, there are quite a few…

All the trips we took
And the way you looked
I had a thing for you from the start,
I knew everything about you by heart.
The way you made me smile
After making me cry
A weird pair we were,
I seemed to tolerate you, and you made my heart fly.
My mother still tells me stories of how we played
How you were the only one who stayed.

You’re beautiful you know,
It’s 2am and I still feel your glow.
And my thoughts wander across the world
To where you might be tonight
I wonder if she’s holding you right.
Is she making you wear the smile I love?
Or are you wearing someone else, someone as soft as a dove.

Some days when people ask me what love is about
I think about the times we spent, all throughout
And sometimes I choke out your name
But to myself I think,
It’s when no place or face, or nothing can ever make you feel the same.

Yes, we were beautiful in the quietest of ways
We were distant, but existent all the same.


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