Necessities for the pampered traveller

travelling woman

People travel all the time to all different places. There are a few essentials to carry while you’re traveling depending on what kind of destination you are traveling to.

Some of the basic necessities to carry when you travel to any destination are:
1. Earphones: this is one of the basic necessities you need while traveling. When you are traveling, the background noise can put you off a little. Trips also let you spend quality time listening to music you love, while traveling to your favorite destinations.
2. Tablets: if you are greeted by an unexpected migraine and there are no pharmacies nearby (highly unlikely unless you are trekking in a forest), your tablets will come to your rescue.
3. Moisturizer with sunscreen and lip balm: irrespective of whether you are traveling to a cooler place or a warmer one, you need sun block. The suns rays are equally, if not more harsh than the other. Also, while traveling, your lips will become dry and chapped. A tinted lip balm will not only moisturize your lips but also add color to them.
4. Basic everyday essentials: your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo should be put in a separate plastic container rather than be kept with all your clothes. In case your shampoo or toothpaste container breaks, it will leak on to your clothes and ruin them.
5. Mosquito repellent: Whether it is in the form of a cream, coil or an electrical repellent this is a must carry. There will be a point when you will need something to shoo away these bugs. Even though most rooms are air-conditioned these days, these insects find a way into the room and cause a lot of trouble.

But if you are traveling to cooler places or warmer ones, you will need to carry some extra stuff with you.
For cooler places, you will also need
1. Socks: A thick pair of socks will be a blessing to you especially during the nights when it tends to become chillier. They are also very easy to pack as they can be stuffed into a small corner of your bag.
2. Scarf: a scarf can not only add to your look, but also can keep you warm. You can use it to cover your neck, head and arms all at once. It will be sure to keep you warm.
3. Gloves: this is especially for people whose hands turn numb after prolonged exposure to the cold.
4. Book: why would you want a book while traveling?
Ever imagined lying on a rug, reading next to a fireplace with some steaming hot coca to drink? That’s why.

For warmer places like beaches, you will need
1. Sunglasses: to protect you from squinting and getting a headache because of the scorching sun.
2. Floppy hat: this not only makes you look more stylish and gypsy-like, but gives a layer of shade to your entire face and protects it from getting sun burnt
3. Deodorant: you don’t want to stink of sweat after being in the sun for too long. This not only removes the body odor but also leaves you feeling refreshed.
4. Flip-flops/ open sandals: you can’t walk on the beach wearing high heels or ballerinas. Even if you can, you don’t want to get your cute shoes filled with sand. Sandals or flip-flops are a cheap and easy way in which you can walk or run on the beach, without ruining your cute shoes.


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