Ten summer essentials to carry in your handbag


For a girl, her handbag is the most important thing she carries because in it lies everything she needs (and perhaps doesn’t). But now that it’s the height of summer, there are a few things every girl needs to have in her handbag to beat the heat. And now that the large handbag is back in fashion, carrying these essentials should not be a problem:

1. Hand Sanitizer: To get rid of bacteria when you have to eat at a fast food joint with a not-very-sanitary washroom.

2. Moisturizer with sunscreen: To keep your hands and face moisturized and feeling baby soft at all times, and to protect you from the summer sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure that your sunscreen has a minimum SPF of 20.

3. Tissues: To wipe off your sweat. You don’t want to be seen wiping your sweaty forehead with your hand, do you?

4. Water: Always carry a small bottle of water. Since it’s summer, you are definitely going to feel twice as thirsty as you usually do.

5.Medicines: It’s advisable to carry basic medication like painkillers for when you are surprised by an uninvited migraine that may be brought on by the heat.

6. Hair accessories: During summer, your neck area might get sweaty if you have long hair, so you should have a scrunchie in your bag if you want to tie it up. If you have a fringe or bangs, it’s also advisable to carry along hair clips or a hair band to keep your hair off your forehead and face.

7. Sunglasses: This is a must-have for the summer as you don’t want the sun glaring into your eyes and, in turn, making you squint to look around.

8. Lip balm: Make sure you always carry a lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15. Summer not only causes lips to chap, but the harsh sun also causes them to dry out and darken.

9. Deodorant: Carry a mildly scented deodorant or body spray so that you always smell fresh, even though you may have been out in the scorching sun.

10. Face wash or cleanser: Make sure you take off all the sweat and grime that has settled on your face by cleansing it with a face wash or a cleanser.


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