New trend: Confessions



The new trend in the city is the introduction of the confession pages on Facebook. Every school and college in the city has their own page, where students can confess anything to do with their institution, or even otherwise. These pages are administered by the students themselves where they manage to maintain anonymity of the confessors. Students or even others can post their confessions by sending an email to the page or through Google forms.
The pages started off and became popular because everything dealt with the institution. But things have gotten dirty off late.
Hurtful comments and remarks are being posted by students about other students on these pages. It has now been claimed to be another form of cyber bullying.
“We could talk about the teaches and the staff around. It used to be fun to read until people started posting terrible things about others. So many of my friends have been made fun of, just because they’re a little overweight” a student who doesn’t wish to disclose herself says.

“We could confess about the food being terrible or the way we eat in the back benches of the class . It was all good fun. But now its just stupid love messages” another student says.

For the students who confess about their love for a person of their same sex, it is a blessing in disguise as they are not ready to come out of the closet yet. They just want to vent it out to someone. And what better way than doing it anonymously? And then, there are others who spam the pages by posting unnecessarily messages and proposing to people, claiming to be someone else, in turn causing a lot of trouble.

To some, its just a big pain. “If you want to confess something, why confess it on Facebook? go to a church. That’s what Churches are for” another page quoted.

Some of the teachers, who are also on Facebook and have discovered these pages, have complained to their institutions who have reported these pages to have them shut down. And when Facebook did actually shut some of the pages down, a second one came up. And then a third. This is impossible to monitor as there are so many on Facebook.
“Our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities prohibits the posting of content that bullies or harasses. We maintain a robust reporting infrastructure to keep an eye out for offensive or potentially dangerous content. This reporting infrastructure includes a trained team of reviewers who respond to reports and escalate them to law enforcement as needed” was Facebook’s official response.

Some of the confession pages are so explicit that they are rated 18+. But who monitors them? Even 13 year old children are on these pages confessing their escapades with their boyfriends/girlfriends. People are also confessing about how they were abused as children on these pages.

But what do they get out of confessing something anonymously? Maybe it’s just the feeling they get after finally saying something they’ve been hiding for so many years. The feeling of being able to tell it out, without anyone actually knowing who’s saying it. The confessors can confess it without the fear of getting caught or found out.

What do you think it is? I’d love to know your views on this, so leave your comments below 🙂


One thought on “New trend: Confessions

  1. You said it in the last paragraph. That’s what confessions are for. And some might say that it shouldn’t be mean. But then again, when you make a confession, there are no rules.

    So you finally wrote this one 😀

    LIKE ❤

    P.S: Facebook has seriously turned into a confession home, no doubt.

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