I’ve been thinking about our secret spot
And the times we’ve fought.
The way you held my hand
The way you touched my hair
Yes I know we can;
Because you made me feel I was the best there.

The way I ignored you
The way you made me notice;
All showing off and you seemed so cool
Your eyes made me lose my focus.
No it wasn’t love at first sight
Because I pushed you sway with all my might.
Until I finally gave in
You knew me, made be believe you cared
But now it’s me, I’m the one who’s scared.

Terrified actually,
Now I can’t believe in anything truly.

I remember
Waiting for you by the window all day
When you finally showed, you made me feel like I had got my way
And you left so soon
But seeing you, you just made my heart swoon.

You made me laugh like no other
I don’t even remember the jokes anymore
You made me think about forever.
But then I saw you walk out of the door.

You left without looking back
I looked for you all worried
And then I felt like I had been smacked
Because you took my breath away making me feel like I was buried,
After seeing you dressed in all black.

You didn’t know about how I felt.
How would you?
Because seeing you made me melt
All I could do was smile and look like a fool. 

You told me you loved some other
But I still thought of you with awe and wonder
Until you got to know my feelings
I still remember the smile you smiled.
Never knew it would be our last meeting
That smile or yours still driving me wild.


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