Giving in, and letting them dance away with your heart..

“I can still feel your head on my shoulder, and hoping that song would never be over..

I havent seen you in ages, and sometimes I find myself wondering where you are,

for me you’ll always be 18, and beautiful, and dancing.. away with my heart..”

It feels so bad to feel so low, especially when you allow yourself to open up, let everything out. Let yourself think about everything that you’ve locked up inside yourself for so long.. maybe months or even years.

The feelings you felt for that person, so strong and overwhelming. But somewhere, something happened and you lost contact. But that doesn’t stop you from thinking about that person no matter how much you try. There are always so many things that remind you of him or her, always, everywhere. especially if you’re doing your best to forget them.

And then somebody mentions them or something so familiar happens that you are overwhelmed by those feelings again. All the memories overwhelm you and you do your best to compose yourself, in public. And most of the times it works. Finally you reach that point where you just breakdown, let the pain and suffering take over. You give in.

I think that’s whats most important. You have to get up and take the energy and effort to get over that person, no matter how much you are reminded of them..

It’s even harder if you truly loved the person. The look they gave you when they found out you liked them, their gorgeous smile, twinkling eyes, how you’ll played games and talked through the night, surprisingly not getting an ounce of sleep, your first dance, your first dance in the rain, how they looked when the sun was shining and how they looked in the rain..

How they stared into your eyes and how their hand felt in yours, the way they made you laugh, and consoled you when you cried, the sacrifices they made for you and the ones you made for them, your secret spots and walks in the parks, how you felt when you didn’t hear from them for long and how they worried about you too, how they made you laugh no matter what, and their way of wishing you good night and good morning, how you waited for hours and hours just so you could see them just for a few minutes, and the way you felt when you finally got to see them after hours and hours of waiting

How they spoke about you to others, and how they played with your hair.. how you’ll spent all day together and finally.. how you said goodbye but yet held on..

What I’ve realized is that locking up all the feelings doesn’t help. After ages, you’ll find yourself wondering where they are and whether they even think about you or miss you..

And in the end you realise that, a part of your heart still belongs to them no matter what. As much as you say you are over them, or wouldn’t run to the end of the world to save them, you would. No matter what the odds are.

In spite of everything, you let them dance away with your heart..


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