Because sometimes, all you need is a pen and a few books..

Why do i write?

It’s the one question I constantly ask myself but don’t know the answer to. But weirdly, ironic as it sounds, I can’t go a day without it. Be it a journal entry or a blog update, I have to write. I don’t get sleep in the night if I have’nt written. Literally. So many times, I’ve just lied awake in my bed racking my brain about what I’ve yet to complete. Eventually, I decide to put this down in my journal, which is when it occurs to me that I have’nt written. I start to write, and almost all the times, I’ve woken up at around two, with the pen in my hand, study light still switched on and my head in an awkward position on my journal.

Be it a word, a sentence, a phrase, or an entire page, I have to write. If I don’t. I’m not content.

So, for me, I guess, writing would mean contentment. Satisfaction. The feeling I get after I put my thoughts down, is unexplainable. The relief and satisfaction of being free of those thoughts, or feelings, or emotions that have been itching to get out the whole day, is just.. so relieving and relaxing. It helps me cope, relax, explain and clear all my thoughts in my head.  

And reading..

Reading for me is, something else. It just helps me lose myself. When I read, it transports me to a whole different world. Distracts me for my problems, and sometimes even helps me in getting solutions! So unpredictable! Getting involved into the book, makes me lose track of time. It’s sort of.. comforting. It feels like home to me when I have a book in my hand, and cuddling in the blanket and reading it, or just sitting on the chair in my porch and reading. Reading can help me forget that I’m surrounded by people. It helps me go into my own world. My fantasy world, where all dreams come true and being real is being ridiculous.

Sometimes, I think to myself that I would be able to survive on an island with just my pen, journal and my stack of books(and the food and water obviously). I could read all day, drinking coconut water from coconuts, with a book in one hand. That would definitely be paradise for me!


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