Inappropriate labes we give each other


That one word holds so much weightage.

Some of the good words used to describe us are, feminine, beautiful, stunning, sexy, elegant, pretty, intelligent, friendly, compassionate, emotional, delicate, sweet, caring, romantic, and the list can go on and on. But there are about the same amount of words used to describe a girl in a bad way. Like bitch, slut, whore. prostitute, fag, and I can go on.

Sometimes, a person who’s called “pretty amazing” by someone can be described as any one of these innappropriate words by another person. So does it mean that she’s nice with one person and totally opposite with another. I don’t think so. We all have dominant and recessive wualities in us. We may have more of sexiness than elegance sometimes. But I think we have the same amount of good as well as bad qualities in us. It depends on how the person looks at us.

I also think, that every girl has some amount of sultryness and sluttyness in her. She may not portray it, but she does think about it. It may vary in different ways. We live in an orthodox societey, so we are obviously unable to express it as freely. But we do express it in different ways, like fantasies, being frustrated, exposing ourself to others, sexual acts, taking inappropriate pictures, etc.

I think if our society was as acceptabe as the west, we probably would be been as bad as them. Or even worse. Since the “Oo la la” is such a hit here, in spite of the closed society.

So, I don’t think we have the right to call others there, slutty or whores or bitches. maybe we should first look inside, at ourselves, judge ourselves first and then point towards them. Coz honestly, we’re no less.


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