Perfection. Does it really exist?

Being perfect is HARD.

I don’t know how people do it. I don’t even know if it’s possible. Well, in real life that is. In movies, everyone’s perfect. All the time.

God. I mean look at Angelia Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and of course my favourite, Rachel McAdams. They’re SO perfect ALL the time. I mean, they look perfect. Well, they have to. But they’re always the perfect female ass-kicker, or the perfect girlfriend or wife or assistant. Fucking perfect, as pink says.

In my all time favourite movies- The notebook, and The vow, both having my favourite actress, Rachel McAdams, she is insanely perfect. Just the girl any guy or parents would love to have. Always obeying and being the perfect daughter, being not too skinny nor too plump, just right. being insanely beautiful and pretty to look at, having the perfect hair and eyes all the time.

HOW do they manage that? Seriously? How do they manage portraying a girl so perfect? Does a girl so perfect actually exist? Do guys actually like such perfect girls? If such girls do exist, what’s gonna happen to us, just the average or imperfect girls? These questions haunt the shit out of me.

But I think I’ve figured out the answer. After watching so many movies, reading so many books, reading so many results on twitter and other social networking sites, I think I finally know the answer.

Perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Allie isn’t actually perfect. Noah sees her as perfect. She’s’s perfect in his eyes, which makes us think she’s that perfect. She’s a spoilt pampered brat. She has tantrums and non acceptable ways of venting out her anger. Like fighting with her parents for Noah, and then breaking up with him because she gets mad at him. I get it. People say stupid things in anger, but I don’t think you can break up with a person after fighing with your parents for them. Also, it’s not right for her to blame Noah for not writing any letters to her. If she wanted to keep in touch with him, she should have written to him, demanding an explanation to why he wasn’t writing to her. And the time when her fiance proposed to her, Noah narrates that when she said yes, Allie could only imagine Noah’s face. Which means she obviously still loved him. But if she loved him so much, why hadn’t she gone to make sure he was ok before his AD was printed in the paper. Why did she only go when she saw it there? And if she loved him so much and imagined his face, why did she say yes to her fiance? Isn’t it considered wrong to get married to a person when you don’t love them and love someone else? Also, she knew that if she went back to make sure Noah was ok, something would happen. She knew deep deep down nut she still led her fiance on, and broke his heart.

Keeping all this in mind, I don’t think she was as perfect as she was portrayed to be. it was Noah, who made her seem perfect all the time. He was the one who countered every single mistake of her’s with a relatively reasonable explanation and never accused her. Instead he did the opposite. He never gave up on her.

The same way, in all the other romantic movies, it’s just the same. It was the same story in Titanic, but Jack loved her so much, even though Rose was selfish, to have moved on so easily and quickly from him. She loved him too, but he died for her.

So maybe no one is as perfect as they seem to be, but are portrayed in the perfect way.. if that makes sense. Maybe it’s ok not to be perfect, Maybe you just need someone to accept you inspite of all your imperfections. Maybe what you refer to as your flaws, they refer to as perfection. Maybe you just need that someone special to love what you hate the most about yourself. be it your anger, your nose, your hair, your teeth, your moodiness, anything.

Maybe you just need someone who portrays your perfection, the way he sees it, to others.


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