Failing and ace-ing and being better than the rest.

Failure is sad. Really.

Guess we’ve all experienced failure, or rejection at some point of time. If we haven’t, well, that’s sadder. Coz then you don’t know where you stand, and once you fail, which you certainly will at some point in your life, it’s gonna hit you HARD. Literally. You get so used to the success, that you can’t handle the failure. Or rather, you don’t know how to handle it.

Be it in any field, academics, family matters, friendships, relationships and the worst- failing yourself.

Failing yourself, has a number of advantages, and a few disadvantages of course.


1. Well, you’ve failed yourself. You’re probably upset, angry, hurt, frustrated, mad at yourself for not keeping up to your own expectations.

2. You may inflict self-harm on to yourself for not keeping up.

3. You may completely give up on what you’ve been trying to achive and withdraw.


1. You finally know what your capacity is, and you can now have reasonable expectations from yourself.

2. You now know how much harder you have to work to achieve what you want. If you really want it.

3. Depending on how much harder you work, you’ll probably do better than the rest!

4. Failure is a stepping stone to success.

So keep that mantra in mind, and chill!  Take a break and start over. Think positively and do your best. Stay calm and forget the rest. Focus on yourself and ace the tests!


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