Being unsatisfied with overflowing closets and shoe cases

Shopping is an essential part of my life now.

Seriously, I feel the need to constantly shop. Though, my closet is literally overflowing with clothes, it still isn’t enough. Especially Tees. White tees. And black. Ok, so it’s not only tees, but shoes too! I mean, I can’t get enough of them! And bags! How can a person live without a bag? And it’s not ok to carry the same bag all the time, so you need a few of them right?

Different styles and colors, to go with all of your clothes. Because, I mean, who can live without a bag? And shoes. They’re essential too, for walking.. and stuff. I am running out of cash because of the excess and (ok I must admit) a little un-necessary shopping I do. My shoes are lying all over my room now, because the three drawyers I had assigned for shoes, are stuffed. To the core. And I don’t even wear most of them! But I don’t feel like discarding them either, because, well, they’re so new and hardly worn.

But, I don’t think it’s just me. Atleast, I hope it’s not! Ok, I’m positive that I’m not the only one like that, because my mom too, does the same(and then complins saying I do it all the time). But, yeah. I mean, we all do right?

And I don’t think it’s like that with just girls either. Ok, it is for clothes and stuff, but men too aren’t satisfied with gadgets and cars and bikes(whatever their lame reason is for obsessing over those things). But the point is that they’re never satisfied. They always want the latest version of the Sony PSP or the latest Mustang or Audi convertibles. I mean, I get it. Those cars look AMA-ZING but the PSP’s and PS- whatever’s, that, I don’t.

Why do you need a HD screen with a back and front touch panel and two control systerms(or whatever they’re called)? My brother got the latest Sony gadget, the PS Vita, and he could NOT stop showing off about it and telling me all about it’s “awesome features”. It’s was all Greek and latin to me, but I listened anyway because it made him happy, that I was interested in knowing about it. But he refuses to try and understand why I need so mny shoes, and bags, and clothes.

But whatever right? As long as we’re both satisfied with our stuff(though his is totally un-necessary) and as long as I’m not the only girl who’s like that. It’s all cool.


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