Generating influence, and achieving the (almost) impossible task

Is it me or is it REALLY hard to write an entire story?

I’ve been trying to complete a story, for the past three years, I think. But it’s always the same. Get inspired, start writing, continue writing, lose inspiration/interest, and then stop. The end.

And the same goes with the next story. And the next. I think, I’ve attempted writing about seven stories until now. Where my inspiration comes from is the only thing that remains dynamic though.

I’m usually pumped up, and totally inspired to write, after I’ve just read a really good book. Sometimes it’s after watching a movie, that causes a really deep impact in me. Sometimes it’s just the sights I see around me, the little gestures, like my cat sprinting towards me, as soon as i get home to get petted(much like a dog, I know). Or I get inspired by the stories I hear from some of my acquaintances, about their siblings, and how they fight and make up and do so much for each other.

Surprisingly, the last time I attempted to write a story,(though I wasn’t successful) this usual stuff didn’t help. I was inspired by a garden.

My neighbor, has the most amazing garden on her terrace. And when I looked at it, I was instantly in love. There’s a red roof built with bricks to cover the place. Right in the centre, are a few benches for people to sit on. Around the benches are a few pots with plants that have flowers of various colors and sizes. It makes the entire place look so colorful and welcoming. They even have a grill in one corner.

Behind the benches, they have a ping pong table and a swing, where my neighbor usually spends most of her time reading. There are so many other plants with flowers including lotuses, roses, marigolds, and jasmine. When I go to my terrace, there is usually a light breeze blowing,(even in summer) and I get the sweet smell of the flowers. It makes me wish I had a garden like that.

Maybe I will make a garden of my own, sometime. And then maybe, I can read and write stories,(and hopefully finish them too) and be in my bliss.


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