Predictable stories and clićhed endings.

Movies are sometimes so clićhed. I just watched The Vow. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the movie as im a sucker for romance. But it’s so predictable. I mean, you watch the first ten minutes and you already know the ending. As for this movie, I predicted accurately the entire story. Even movies such as Speed, have predictable endings. The guy always gets the girl and they live happily ever after.

It makes me wish at times, that my life was a movie. You wouldn’t have to bother bout looking good, studying, taking bathroom breaks or a job because in the end everything somehow falls into place. Guess that’s why the movies are such a hit. Coz’ you can escape reality and live another persons life for that time without bothering about the troubles of your own. And in the end, the man you love(who also happens to be incredibly good looking) confesses his love to you and you’ll go off into the sunset in a horse carriage.

No matter how old the movies are, they always have obvious endings. Be it the most favourite musical of the older generation – Grease and Grease 2, the sequel are equally clićhed. Maybe that’s why they did so well.

Maybe it’s a way in which people forget their life and live the actors lives for a few hours. Pretend that their problems and worries don’t exist, just by taking someone else’s place for a few hours, and looking at the world from their view.

Everyone wants a dual life, I think. Maybe that’s why Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire were such hits too. Guess, every generation had their own version of Hannah Montana to help them dream..

But is that all we can do? Dream?


4 thoughts on “Predictable stories and clićhed endings.

  1. I’ve thought about the very same things – cliched movies, predictable endings, unnaturally good-looking guys and girls, you get the idea! I guess the whole fantasy-world that movies open up are the exact reason why people go watch them…in other words, to escape reality, like you mentioned. 🙂

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